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The Laws of Wealth
Daniel Crosby
ISBN 978-93-91019-25-9  
Foreword By Morgan Housel

Psychology and the Secret to Investing Success

In The Laws of Wealth, psychologist and behavioral finance expert Daniel Crosby offers an accessible and applied take on a discipline that has long tended toward theory at the expense of the practical. Readers are treated to real, actionable guidance as the promise of behavioral finance is realized and practical applications for everyday investors are delivered.

Crosby presents a framework of timeless principles for managing your behavior and your investing process. He begins by outlining 10 rules that are the hallmarks of good investor behavior, including ‘Forecasting is for Weathermen’ and ‘If You’re Excited, It’s Probably a Bad Idea’. He then goes on to introduce a unique new classification of behavioral investment risk that will enable investors and academics alike to understand behavioral risk in a coherent and comprehensive manner.

The Laws of Wealth is a finance classic and a must-read for those interested in deepening their understanding of how psychology impacts financial decision-making.

DR. DANIEL CROSBY is a psychologist, behavioral finance expert, and one of the foremost experts in applied behavioral science. He is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author and was named one of the ‘12 Thinkers to Watch’ by Monster.com. When he is not consulting around market psychology, Daniel enjoys independent films, fanatically following St. Louis Cardinals baseball, exploring the American South, and spending time with his family.

“Should be read by all those new to investing.”
JIM O’SHAUGHNESSY, International Bestselling Author

“Don’t let your mind ruin your investing outcomes.”
LOUANN LOFTON, The Motley Fool

“Step away from CNBC and into financial therapy!”
MEREDITH A. JONES, Author, Women of The Street

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Releasing on 25th November, 2021

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Category:Business Management Finance
The Behavioral Investor
Daniel Crosby
ISBN 978-93-88423-62-5  
The Art and Science of Investment Management

THE BEHAVIORAL INVESTOR aims to enrich readers in the most holistic sense of the word, leaving them with tools for compounding both wealth and knowledge.

Wealth, truly considered, has at least as much to do with psychological as financial wellbeing. In The Behavioral Investor, psychologist and asset manager Daniel Crosby examines the sociological, neurological and psychological factors that influence our investment decisions and sets forth practical solutions for improving both returns and behavior.

Readers will be treated to the most comprehensive examination of investor behavior to date and will leave with concrete solutions for refining decision-making processes, increasing self-awareness and constraining the fatal flaws to which most investors are prone.

THE BEHAVIORAL INVESTOR takes a sweeping tour of human nature before arriving at the specifics of portfolio construction, rooted in the belief that it is only as we come to a deep understanding of “why” that we are left with any clue as to “how” we ought to invest.

DANIEL CROSBY is a psychologist, behavioral finance expert and asset manager who applies his study of market psychology to everything from financial product design to security selection. He is a New York Times bestselleing author and founder of Nocturne Capital. He is at the forefront of behavioralising finance.

For sale in the Indian sub-continent only
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