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Category:Business Management Entrepreneurship
Build from Scratch
Vineet Bajpai
ISBN 978-81-8495-291-9  

A POWERFUL GUIDE for aspiring entrepreneurs, the book handholds the reader through various steps and tactics of building an organization from an idea. It tells the reader that a company is created out of one dominant ingredient – the human will.

The book discusses critical topics of idea generation, fund-raising, venture capital, go-to-market strategies and leadership. It also explores the human aspects of being an entrepreneur – the struggle, the ambition and the perseverance. It has a gritty and street-smart flavour that offers most realistic and down-to-earth strategies.

If you do not hail from a business family, you are not a Harvard drop-out and you don’t even have a world-changing innovation... and yet you dream of building your own company one day, Build from Scratch will be your soul mate.


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Category:Business Management Entrepreneurship
The 30-Something CEO
Vineet Bajpai
ISBN 978-81-8495-820-1  
Dark Secrets and Brave Methods of the Corporate Battlefield

A 30-something CEO never happens by accident!

The career landscape has changed. It is no more the wear-a-tie, carry-your-lunchbox, meet-your-deadline world. It is now an all-enticing gold-rush. The winners become modern-day emperors, and the mediocre walk like lifeless robots… in the millions. It is a veritable war-zone. And like every fortune-hunt in history – it is the survival of the fittest.

Or perhaps it is simply natural-selection catching-up. It is the emergence of the indomitable 30-something champions who are changing the game in every field! These unbeatable super-achievers are still in their thirties or early forties – and they stop at nothing. These are punishing trailblazers who change the rules of the whole goddamned sport!

Are you one of them? Will you make it to the league of these magnificent young winners? The 30-Something CEO will crack the code for you, and partner you in your accelerated journey towards spectacular success. But be cautioned – it is going to be one helluva ride!

Vineet Bajpai is a first-generation entrepreneur who emphatically broke into the coveted club of the rich & famous. This is his third book. He has founded & built a multi-million dollar global digital company; in 2014 he was ranked among the 100 most influential people in the country’s digital ecosystem; he was perhaps the youngest ever CEO of a multinational advertising-agency in India. He has won several prestigious corporate awards and is followed by hundreds of thousands of people on social media.

For sale in the Indian sub-continent only

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Category:Business Management General Management
The Street to the Highway
Vineet Bajpai
ISBN 978-81-8495-205-6  
This book shatters the myth that business success is a matter of destiny for a few chosen corporate barons. It shows that stellar business growth is not the result of some supernormal capabilities of a few super-individuals but is an outcome of a systematic construct of proven strategies and determined actions. Every small business can be transformed into a mega corporation one day. And this book shows HOW!

Written in a simple and racy style this book carries powerful and executable lessons for corporate executives, managers, students, entrepreneurs, employees of small and mid-sized companies, CEOs and most of all for millions of small business owners. A must read for anyone who wants to unravel the mystique behind why most businesses stagnate for decades while a handful become winning corporations – and use that learning to embark upon organization building and wealth creation.

Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award 2011
CNBC TV Mercedes Benz Young Turks Award 2012

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