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157 Zen Meditations
Scott Shaw
ISBN 81-7992-356-8  
Nirvana is, Right Now, where are you?

Nirvana is the state of grace where there is no longer any physical suffering, mental anguish, or unanswered questions. A grand and mind boggling concept – bigger almost than our ability to understand it. Yet, truly, small enough to package in a nutshell – because Nirvana is as we are, a truth we can let ourselves experience. Scott Shaw brings Nirvana home with 157 brief, spirited, inspiring meditations on the true presence of Nirvana.

“Let go of your desires, begin to embrace inner peace, and Nirvana will not be so distant, so desired, so far off. It will be who you are.”

157 Zen Meditations helps us see that enlightenment is a gift, a gift readily available for everyone – right here, right now. This is a cautionary book: “Nobody can give you Nirvana.” This is an encouraging book: “It’s a gift you give yourself.”

157 Zen Meditations is a small book that is liable to render big changes in how you see the world – and how it sees you. You’ll want to turn to it over and over again.

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