A.K. Bhagwat

Late Prof. A.K. Bhagwat was an eminent teacher of English Literature. He taught in Willingdon College, Sangli and later on in The Arts, Commerce and Science College at Wai, where he was the Principal. Prof. Bhagwat edited the writings of the Gandhian thinker Acharya S.J. Bhagwat for the National Book Trust, India.

Prof. G.P. Pradhan is a freedom fighter, who suffered imprisonment in the Quit India Movement in 1942. He taught English in Ferguson College and later on worked in The Socialist Party. He was an active member of the Legislative Council for almost two decades and later became the honorary editor of Sadhana Weekly. Prof. Pradhan has written seven books in English and nineteen books in Marathi. He has written on Gandhiji, Dr. Ambedkar as well as on India’s Freedom Struggle.

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