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In this episode of Figuring Out, Mitesh Khatri and Indu Agrawal are in conversation with Raj Shamani. They are India’s most trusted law of attraction coach and best-selling book authors of the book, “The Law Of Attraction” and “Awaken The Leader In You”. In today’s episode, you will understand how you can use the law of attraction practically in your life.

In this episode, they started by sharing a story of a doctor who was suicidal and how within 30mins they changed her mind, made her realize the root cause of her thoughts and feelings and in the next 9 months, she became a life coach. They then talked about how the mind works, and how they change the mind of the people who come to them. They shared their step-by-step process and how emotions become habits and our way of reacting. He explained how our patterns make 10x our reaction to opportunities or crises in our lives.

Later they shared how they transformed the lives of people with their program, they shared how the law of attraction works, shared stories of how people used the law of attraction and changed their lives, and how frequency plays a major role in attracting good, bad, and worst things. They explain the important pillar of the law of attraction FTBA and how understanding this will help anyone achieve years of change in a year. We talked about 2 types of people and how some are able to be successful effortlessly. At the end, we discussed how much life coaches make in a month. For more such episodes don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

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