Oliver Twist

Jaico illustarted classics series is a collection of beloved children’s classics read by generations all over the world. Rich with adventures and thrills, these immortal stories with vivid illustrations are designed to delight young readers.

IN A Ramshackle workhouse of a parish in England, a baby boy was born to a woman who died in childbirth. The boy was named Oliver Twist. He spent a sad childhood in abject misery in various workhouses. At the age of twelve, he runs away to London where he is picked up by a notorious criminal, Fagin, a mastermind at house breaking, pickpocketing and petty thievery. He teaches Oliver all these evil deeds. But a kind-hearted gentleman robbed by Fagin sympathizes with the plight of Oliver and helps him to find a family, his inheritance and above all Oliver’s true identity.

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About the Author

Charles Dickens

CHARLES DICKENS was born in a little house in Landport, Portsea, England. The second of eight children, he grew up in a family frequently beset by financial insecurity. When the family fortunes improved, Dickens went back to school, after which he became an office boy, a freelance reporter, and finally an author.