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This book is a buffet, an eclectic spread of some iconic, some forgotten and some beloved food that India has to offer. The recipes are often simple and tweaked to suit today’s fast-paced life, though some need the effort, perseverance and love that good food demands.

In his inimitable style as a food writer of many years, the author has jotted down his thoughts, including some nuggets of information and his mouthwatering experiences alongside his recipes. The dishes in the book are also beautifully photographed, including pictures of some of the author’s favourite food moments.

  • Genre Cookery
  • Language English
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 146 pages
  • Release Date 12-Jan-2015
  • ISBN 13 978-81-8495-641-2

Kunal is equal parts fun, wisdom and finger-licking deliciousness.
As you, too, will discover if you buy this book!”

Matt PrestonJudge and co-host of Masterchef Australia

Go on. Savor the flavors, aromas and tastes of India, like never before. As jury on Kunal’s iconic TV shows, I’ve eaten my way from Kashmir to Kochi to Kolkatta with him and I’m thrilled at how evocatively, yet accurately he distills India into this book. He whets our appetite with quips, quotes, anecdotes and satiates it with unique recipes. All tried, tasted and tested. A must buy.”

Rashmi Uday SinghWorld Gourmand Award winner

Kunal is one of the most transparent friends I know. If he dislikes what he tastes, he keeps straight face. And he has no straight face. If he likes? You see cherub smile.
He and my wife discuss food the minute I leave the room,
because I tell them I need to talk ofother things, too. So,
maybe that’s why he’s worked on a book? To fill me up on the
wonderful conversations I may have missed!

Boman IraniActor

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About the Author

Kunal Vijayakar

KUNAL VIJAYAKAR is an Indian film actor, director and television personality. He is well known as the host of The Foodie on Times Now and co-host of the news-spoof show The Week That Wasn’t with Cyrus Broacha on CNN-IBN.