A Prearranged Love

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“Why don’t you try meeting him? He might turn out to be the man of your dreams…” said Rekha’s mother Sheela.

Rekha burst out laughing, “Mom, the man of my dreams is determined to remain a bachelor and spend all his time in Italy.” After a dramatic pause, she said, “I am talking about George Clooney.”

Spirited and independent Rekha Ramkumar met handsome and cocky Arjun Kalyan on a blind date. He called her ‘shorty’ and she threatened to dump a drink on his lap. They vowed to never see each other again but fate had the last laugh…

When they are forced to work together on his company’s marketing campaign, Rekha sees a new side of Arjun, one that she finds hard to resist. While Arjun is increasingly fascinated by Rekha, having once rejected her, could he convince her that she was ‘The One’?

  • Genre Romance
  • Language English
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 192 pages
  • Release Date 1-Aug-2013
  • ISBN 13 978-81-8495-398-5

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About the Author

Anusha Vishnampet

If it’s true that great pain produces great work, Anusha Vishnampet wrote her debut novel as a diversion from her then not-so-great job. A communications professional by day, her many adventures and anecdotes have provided fodder for her characters. She is a TamBrahm from Hyderabad, now settled in New Zealand.