Long Live Revolution!

Explore the fiery prose and fearless spirit of Bhagat Singh, one of the most prominent revolutionaries of the Indian independence movement.

In the annals of Indian history, April 8, 1929, stands as a defiant testament to the unwavering spirit of rebellion. Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt echoed the thunderous cry of defiance, hurling non-lethal bombs and pamphlets in the heart of British colonial power, the Central Assembly Hall in Delhi. “Long Live Revolution! Down with Imperialism!” they hollered, igniting a spark that would blaze through generations.

Bhagat Singh, a figure both feared and revered by the imperial regime, was not just a revolutionary but a luminary whose words stirred souls and kindled the flames of patriotism. Despite his tender age of 23, he wielded his pen with the potency of a seasoned philosopher, leaving an indelible mark on the minds of millions.

In this riveting collection, take a closer look at Singh’s impassioned letters and essays, including ‘Why I am an Atheist’, ‘To Young Political Workers’, ‘Religion and Our Freedom Struggle’, and others that shook the foundations of colonial oppression. Bhagat Singh’s voice resonates from the confines of his prison cell where he faced the gallows with unyielding courage. His words continue to echo, demystifying his revolutionary fervour and illuminating the path to liberation.

Through Long Live Revolution! follow the journey of a martyr, a thinker, and a beacon of hope whose words continue to inspire and ignite masses even today.

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