Healing with Herbs

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Be a wizard at using herbs to transform your life

Did you know your kitchen can be a storehouse of magical remedies and potions? All you will need are a handful of herbs and they will revamp your everyday foods into powerful healers and elixirs!

With plenty of color photographs and clear explanations, you will:

  • Learn about the medicinal values of herbs and plants and how to use them in your daily cooking
  • Access more than 100 ancient recipes from southern India for ready preparation at your next family meal or forthcoming dinner party
  • Know the most essential herbal tool kits that can be stocked in your kitchen and that are easily available
  • Explore the secrets of yoga that are rarely taught in modern classes
  • Discover the right food combination knowing which specific foods work best with specific herbs
  • Understand how to lose weight and bring out your aura with certain natural sugars and fats that are actually good for you
  • Spot those tropical fruits that are so healthy, they may even cure cancer
  • Achieve beautiful skin and hair with easy combinations of herbs and oils made in your own kitchen
  • Increase your sensitivity and intuition through proper diet and cleansing

Also find out how to:

  • Improve your memory power through seldom taught daily yoga exercises
  • Subtly affect your state of mind with the secret geometry of kolam art

Let Uma turn you into a magician in the kitchen by helping you create your own herbal concoctions.
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  • Genre Alternative Healing
  • Language English
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 258 pages
  • Release Date 16-May-2016
  • ISBN 13 978-81-8495-822-5

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About the Author

Uma Swaminathan

UMA SWAMINATHAN holds a degree in cultural anthropology from Rutgers University, USA. She learned about gardening and herbs from her biologist and scientist father and mouthwatering, holistic recipes from her mother and forebears. A classical dancer and a prolific painter, Uma also has a private pilot’s license under her wings.