30 Most Convincing Cases of Reincarnation

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Once you have read this book, you will no longer be the same person as you are now, at least as far as your outlook on life is concerned. Since the end of year 2000, reincarnation has finally been proven. The famous psychiatrist Professor Ian Stevenson M.D. has scientifically proven that reincarnation is a fact. A number of case histories substantiate this claim. Some of these have come from children and adults who remembered their past lives accurately. Others were retrieved by means of regression techniques.

The interest in reincarnation is growing every year. Today we no longer need to simply have faith, since reincarnation has been scientifically proven, just as the law of gravity was proven some time ago. We are now able to know that it is possible to return to this world repeatedly. What was until recently a belief for millions of people has now been discovered to be a truth.

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Trutz Hardo

TRUTZ HARDO is a well-known expert on reincarnation and regression therapy. He holds seminars in Europe, Australia, USA and India. He has appeared on several television programmes.