In the Shadow of Death

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A rare glimpse into the complex minds of killers

In the Shadow of Death is a retired CID chief’s quest to understand the psyche of death row prisoners. In this chilling account, D.V. Guruprasad delves deep into the world of crime to uncover who these convicts are and how they view the charges against them.

In India, capital punishment is awarded only in the ‘rarest of rare’ cases; the gruesome murders covered in this book will convince you that they fit the description.

Criminals featured in this book are as varied as they can come and so are their crimes: a serial killer who targeted young women, a savage gang that terrorized a metropolis, a runaway woman who took to murder as an easy way to survive, a constable with a deadly fetish …

As these prisoners stare death in the face,
Do they experience the crippling “death row syndrome”?
Do they fear the impending execution and the uncertainty about their final day on earth?
Do they regret their past deeds?

There’s also the view from the other end of the rope—a peek into a hangman’s typical preparations before a hanging—making this a gripping read.

  • Genre True Crime
  • Language English
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 204 pages
  • Release Date 3-Jan-2022
  • ISBN 13 978-93-91019-55-6

The impairment of reality sense, the lack of thought for the future, the denial of unpleasant facts and possibilities, an almost delusional belief in his own cleverness and ability to escape detection are characteristic of many criminals.

Melitta SchmidebergPsychologist

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About the Author

D. V. Guruprasad

D.V. GURUPRASAD, IPS, is a retired director general of Karnataka Criminal Investigation Department. He is the recipient of the President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service as well as Police Medal for Meritorious Service. He is a guest faculty in criminology and law enforcement for many universities and colleges. He is also a columnist for several English and Kannada dailies.

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