Vikramaditya and the Throne of 32 Puppets

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Only the wise and worthy may sit on this throne!

In the time of Raja Bhoja of Ujjain, a magnificent throne, carved exquisitely with 32 puppets, was discovered under a hillock. Enamoured by its appearance, the king had it polished and set up in his court. As he made his way towards it, one of the puppets came to life and warned him that none but the worthy King Vikramaditya could sit on the throne. Each day, the king would approach the throne and each day, another puppet would come to life and caution the king.

The tales of Vikramaditya as told by the 32 puppets to Raja Bhoja are immortalized in the book, Singhasan Battisi. Handed down from generation to generation, these stories continue to enchant readers, young and old alike.

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