Not Necessarily Rocket Science

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Ever wondered what it might be like to work in the space industry? According to aerospace professional and popular science communicator Kellie Gerardi, that future doesn’t rest solely on the shoulders of rocket scientists. Gerardi’s nontraditional path in the space industry shows us that humanity ’s next giant leap will require the contributions of artists, engineers, and everyone in between. Gerardi takes us on a tour of this unique era of history and offers encouragement and advice for anyone who has ever dreamed of the stars and galaxies far, far away.

In this candid guide, commercial astronaut Gerardi offers an inside look into the commercial spaceflight industry and all those working to tee up a golden age of spaceflight, redefining the “right stu ff” along the way. Whether you’ve had an obsession with astronauts since you were a kid or are just looking to learn about the exciting future that awaits us, Not Necessarily Rocket Science confirms that there’s a place for anyone who is passionate about space exploration.

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About the Author

Kellie Gerardi

Kellie Gerardi is an aerospace and technology professional, a popular science communicator, and a commercial astronaut flying to space on a dedicated research mission with Virgin Galactic. Kellie is the author of Not Necessarily Rocket Science and the children’s picture book series Luna Muna. Kellie lives in Jupiter, Florida, with her husband and their daughter Delta V. You can follow her adventures on social media @kelliegerardi