Her Space, Her Time

Inspiring stories of long-overlooked physicists and astronomers

Women physicists and astronomers from around the world have transformed science and society, but the critical roles they played in their fields are not always well-sung.

Her Space, Her Time: Women Who Decoded the Universe, authored by award-winning quantum physicist Shohini Ghose, brings together the stories of these remarkable women to celebrate their indelible scientific contributions.

In each chapter of the book, Ghose explores a scientific topic and explains how the women featured in that chapter revolutionized that area of physics and astronomy. In the chapter on time, we learn of Henrietta Leavitt and Margaret Burbidge, who helped discover the big bang and the cosmic calendar; in the chapter on space explorati on, we learn of Anigaduwagi (Cherokee) aerospace scientist Mary Golda Ross, who helped make the Moon landings possible; and in the chapter on subatomic particles, we learn of Marietta Blau, Hertha Wambacher, and Bibha Chowdhuri, who contributed to the discovery of the building blocks of the universe, and, in doing so, played a crucial role in determining who gets to do physics today.

Engaging, accessible, and timely, this is a collective story of scientific innovation, inspirational leadership, and overcoming invisibility that will leave a lasting impression on any reader curious about the rule-breakers and trendsetters who illuminated our understanding of the universe.

  • Genre Popular Science
  • Language English
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 268 pages
  • Release Date 17-Jan-2024
  • ISBN 13 978-81-19153-58-9

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About the Author

Shohini Ghose

SHOHINI GHOSE is an award-winning theoretical physicist, and a Professor of physics and computer science at Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada. She and her colleagues were the first to experimentally find a connection between chaos theory and quantum entanglement. Dr. Ghose is an expert in quantum physics and serves as Co-Editor of Canadian Journal of Physics. She is a TED Senior Fellow and TED speaker, featured on TED Talks India.