World’s Greatest Inventions

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Whose idea was it to have machines that spit money? Did the inventor of semtex – the notorious explosive of choice for terrorist groups around the world – regret his discovery? Where will the world be without GPS?

Many things we take for granted today – the ability to live without fearing the attack of deadly viruses or getting in touch with a loved one who lives in another part of the world with a flick of a button – are the results of the toil and tears of many men and women over the years. Thanks to those brilliant minds and their amazing inventions, the mankind was able to make a giant leap into the modern world we live in today.

World’s Greatest Inventions recounts the 500-year saga of innovation that has shaped the world we live in, from the first pocket watch to the latest nanotechnology. Arranged chronologically, each invention is placed in its historical context. Inside these pages you will meet the people involved, and discover their ingenuity and persistence, their triumphs and tragedies.

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About the Author

David Ellyard

David Ellyard has a clear and compelling understanding of how new ideas and innovative technology are transforming our present lives and our common future. This comes from a life deeply involved in science, technology and innovation; as a researcher (including a year in Antarctica), teacher, radio and TV broadcaster, successful author and Government policy adviser. He is a great believer in making science relevant, of putting it in a context.