Mind Map Mastery

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Use the universe’s most powerful thinking tool to be more creative and successful than you ever dreamed possible!

  • Remember anything
  •  Pass any exam
  •  Get promoted
  •  Manage your time
  •  Have great relationships
  •  Be healthy and happy
  •  Plan your dream future

Mind Map Mastery is the most authoritative, clear and accessible guide to Mind Mapping ever published, drawing on five decades of research and development by Mind Maps inventor Tony Buzan. Developed both for those new to the Mind Map concept as well as more advanced users who would like to build on their expertise, this is the one Mind Mapping book needed on the shelf of every student, teacher, business person and creative dreamer across the world. Discover how to:

  • Create Mind Maps at every level, from beginner to advanced.
  • Use Mind Mapping in every conceivable situation, from planning your week and revising for an exam to changing your career path and improving a difficult relationship.
  • Learn what to do when a Mind Map goes wrong and why pseudo Mind Maps don’t work.
  • Explore exciting new Mind Mapping applications, including a two-person Mind Map for conflict resolution, a Mind Map for report writing, a Mind Map to apply design thinking principles and a Mind Map to help budding authors get published.

A Mind Map mirrors the structure of the brain’s neural network, with branches that reach outward from the centre of the diagram and evolve through patterns of association. This structural link with the workings of the brain is one reason why Mind Mapping is so effective. Unfortunately, over the decades since its invention by Tony Buzan, this incredible thinking tool has been misunderstood by some and misrepresented by others. This book is intended to set the record straight and help all its readers achieve Mind Map mastery.

  • Genre Self-Help
  • Language English
  • Format
  • Page Count 224 pages
  • Release Date 20-Jun-2024
  • ISBN 13 978-81-19792-96-2

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