Corridor of Queens

Kitty Mehta’s days revolve around college applications, school projects, and Halloween parties like any teenager. As temple trips conflict with her daughter’s parties, Mrs. Mehta’s worship takes longer than usual, and Kitty’s diet is thrown off, things get too much for her during the holidays.

Compelled to break away from the chaos, Kitty chances upon a museum exhibition of portraits of stellar women from Indian mythology, called ‘Corridor of Queens’. In spite of herself, she feels drawn to the exhibit and discovers an entire world that is charming as it is dangerous—foggy islands where babies grow to adulthood in days; mothers taking on many creatures’ forms to keep an eye on their daughters; fisher girls bartering in magic; supernatural beings who can lend you their gender; and women forcing heavenly rivers to end earthly famines.

Follow her as she navigates her world, trying to find herself, with the wisdom of the ages from tales that come alive at the Corridor of Queens.

  • Genre Fiction
  • Language English
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 288 pages
  • Release Date 21-Oct-2019
  • ISBN 13 978-93-89305-05-0

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About the Author

Shefali Shah Choksi

SHEFALI SHAH CHOKSI is Coordinator of the Writing Centre at Broward College, North Campus’ Academic Success Centre, in Florida. Previously, Shefali taught Literature and Composition at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She lives in Plantation, Florida, with three cats and her daughter (when she visits from college).