Sherlock Holmes and the Unholy Trinity

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“Beware of the dangers of interfering with matters that are surely no concern of yours, Mr. Holmes! We warn you now, stay out of our affairs or risk facing the fatal consequences of your actions!”

A colourfully dressed Bedouin, brandishing a sword and wearing an ancient symbol of Christianity, interrupted the breakfast of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson and admonished them. Soon after, Holmes and Watson are dispatched to the Vatican to investigate the murder of Cardinal Tosca, the successor to the pope.

Unearthing the Cardinal’s clandestine and dubious dealings right before his death leads them to a lost gospel arriving along with several other mysterious packages from Egypt. They conclude he was killed while translating the ancient scroll. When all clues point towards the involvement of their Bedouin intruder and an ‘unholy trinity’, they embark on a dangerous journey to Egypt to recover the stolen gospel and bring the perpetrators to justice.


  • Genre Sherlock Holmes
  • Language English
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 220 pages
  • Release Date 1-Jan-2017
  • ISBN 13 978-93-86348-59-3

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About the Author

Paul D. Gilbert

PAUL GILBERT is the author of Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Rat of Sumatra and The Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes.