The Case of the Chinese Mastermind

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When an annual boring family gathering in an isolated farmhouse turned out to be a gathering of the world’s most devious...

With uncle Ravi’s immensely valuable designs stolen and his company refusing to call in the police, it is upto 14-year old Kavya, Raima and Varun, aided by Anna (Kavya’s older cousin), to solve the mystery.

Blood-thirsty alien monsters. Killer cars. Hounds of horror. Rogue spies. Menacing threats. Six deadly Chinese daggers. A gun between the eyes. And it only gets worse…

Will the mystery busters succeed before the guests leave the farmhouse? But first, will they escape death that lurks around them?

Stifle your fears and sharpen your intelligence as you hurtle into a treacherous whirlpool with the Crime Busters on their first adventure.

  • Genre Young Adult
  • Language English
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 196 pages
  • Release Date 15-Aug-2014
  • ISBN 13 978-81-8495-406-7

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About the Author

Ketaki Karnik

Armed with a MBA from the University of Oxford, Ketaki Karnik roller-coastered through management consultancies and corporates. Through all this, her only lifeline to sanity has been concocting the next Crime Busters’ mystery. In addition to being a mystery fiction junkie, Ketaki is a movie buff who loves the guitar, chocolates and anything sci-fi. Join Ketaki’s gang of mystery addicts to share your real (or imagined) sinister plots on the Crime Busters’ League facebook page.