Think on These Things

Renowned philosopher J. Krishnamurti’s words, free from bias, possess a universal quality. In a stirring manner, they unveil the fundamental roots of our shared human predicaments. His profound insights break the confines of society’s accepted ways of thinking, resonating with anyone willing to listen.

In Think On These Things, Krishnamurti examines with characteristic objectivity and insight the expressions of what we are pleased to call our culture, our education, religion, politics and tradition; and he throws much light on such basic motivations as ambition, greed and envy, the desire for security and the lust for power—all of which he shows to be deteriorating factors in human society.

He points out with uncompromising directness the false elements in our attitudes and institutions, and the implications of his remarks are profound and far-reaching.

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About the Author

J. Krishnamurti

J. KRISHNAMURRTI (1895-1986), the renowned spiritual teacher, shared his wisdom in lectures and many books, including Freedom From the Known, The First and Last Freedom, and The Awakening of Intelligence.