The Legend of the Goddess

“If there’s only one sadhana you could do to invoke the Goddess of opulence, it would be the one of Sri Suktam,”
says the bestselling author Om Swami.

Emerging from the sixteen sacred verses of the Rig Veda, Sri Suktam is one of the most ancient and powerful hymns in the world.
Tracing our Vedic roots, this spectacular book is replete with the mystical origins of Vedic lores and other untold stories behind each verse of Sri Suktam. Written in the masterful, inimitable style of Om Swami, he continues to reveal the secrets of sadhana.

Prepare to be captivated by The Legend of the Goddess, an illuminating journey through the sublime verses of Sri Suktam, offering a historical perspective and a grand roadmap for personal and material success.

“This is my most devotional and important work thus far,” says Om Swami. “Sadhana has blessed me with unlimited abundance. I pray the same for you.”

hira?ya-var??? hari???
suvar?a-rajata-sraj?m |
candr?? hira?-may??
lak?m?? j?tavedo ma ?vaha ||

Immanent in all beings, I hum like the female bumble bee. As kundalini, I unfold myself with the brilliance of thousands of risen suns, fires and moons. On entering the last stage of (mantra) sound, I become the mother of all sounds, showering objects of enjoyment in the same way as a cow showers milk. Having praised me, addressing me as Hiranyavarna, the very wise Prajapati obtained my grace and became the narrator of the yoga religion.

Like a doe I flee farther and farther from the mind of the yogin. Yogins observing their vows bind me through their own devotion.

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About the Author

Om Swami

OM SWAMI has touched the lives of millions around the world through his bestsellers on spirituality and wellness. An MBA from University of Technology, Sydney, he has built and exited multi-million dollar businesses. An unconventional monk, he’s the brain behind the fastest-growing meditation and kindness movement in the world: Black Lotus. Om Swami writes on his blog,, twice a month, and stays away from all forms of social media.