Pearls of Wisdom from Hinduism

Ancient Indian sages codified complex texts into compact treatises on their specific subject.

Following in their footsteps, this text is a journey through Hinduism.

Through 72 selections, filled with profound meaning, authors Hanuman Dass and Nicholas Sutton have presented what Hinduism is and how we can use it to propel our lives. is inspired by the Hindu philosophical concept of Dharma and thrives to create a world where individuals can come together to create positive change in their lives and their communities.

  • Genre Hinduism
  • Language English
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 236 pages
  • Release Date 10-May-2017
  • ISBN 13 978-81-8495-997-0

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About the Authors

Hanuman Dass

Hanuman Dass is the founder of, a platform for social change, and the managing director of Arjun Capital.

Nicholas Sutton

Nicholas Sutton is the director of Continuing Education at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.