Walking in Zen, Sitting in Zen

by Osho

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“Zen has both the beauty of buddha and the beauty of lao tzu; it is the child of both. such a meeting has never happened before or since.” -Osho

The Chinese master Yoka Daishi was said to have been in a state of perfect repose while walking, standing, sitting and lying down. According to legend, he attained complete realization in one night, and was called: “master of the enlightenment attained in one night.”

Osho describes Yoka as a Zen master of great skill; his words being tremendously beautiful, yet uncompromising. His deep respect and compassion for the individual is such that he wants you to wake up now; he shatters all your dreams. Osho walks hand in hand with Yoka’s insistence that the man of Zen is extraordinary in his ordinariness: he walks in Zen, he sits in Zen.

In combining Yoka’s sutras with personal questions from seekers, Osho’s responses are uniquely tailored, travelling like razor-sharp arrows to the heart of the questioner.

Thus he brings alive the ancient Zen master’s words that can only be heard with a deep love for truth and the courage to go through radical transformation.

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