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Many of us have had our IQ tested online, but this leaves many questions. What does IQ encompass? How does it influence the way we think? Is it IQ or a retentive memory or a thirst for knowledge that brings academic success?

This book will help you raise your IQ to its full potential, enhance your reasoning powers and increase your ability to absorb and analyse information. You will find here a range of exercises, both enjoyable and thought-provoking, that will boost your brain power to peak efficiency, while helping you understand how achieving this goal will bring you advantages in all aspects of daily life.

Find out how to:
� Master all aspects of intelligence
� Test yourself and stretch your abilities
� Go beyond IQ to master �smart thinking�
� Learn how smarter thinking can help with day-to-day tasks
� Keep your brain active
and youthful in older age

  • Genre Self-Help
  • Language English
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 160 pages
  • Release Date 20-May-2024
  • ISBN 13 978-81-19792-61-0

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