Confidence (Tamil)

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Believe that problems do have answers. And believe you can solve them.

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Lift yourself up in the face of conflict
Finding ways to be enthusiastic in the face of difficulty
Become a confident person that friends and loved ones can turn to

In Confidence, Peale shares invigorating and confidence boosting ways to face your difficulty, conquer stress when it seems insurmountable. He will help you find new confidence and purpose in all that you do.
You’ll learn, among many things:

  • How each problem contains its own solution
  • How to never lose faith and gain a new heart when disheartened
  • How to live a life full of meaning and be enthusiastic in your day-to-day life; and
  • How to discover and fully realize God’s potential for you!
  • Genre Confidence
  • Language Tamil
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 168 pages
  • Release Date 15-Feb-2017
  • ISBN 13 978-81-8495-126-4

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About the Author

Norman Vincent Peale

Norman Vincent Peale is the author of 46 books, including Positive Imaging, Reaching Your Potential, Think Like a Winner, and The True Joy of Positive Living. He is known as the progenitor of the theory of positive thinking.