Ramayana: The Game of Life – Book 2: Conquer Change

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The Ramayana is not a story. It is a way of life. It is the game of life.

Authentic narration of the epic with life lessons

Life should be predictable and smooth — this is what most of us are comfortable with. In reality, we face stress, hard times and unexpected upheavals that can knock our breath out.

Every situation in the Ramayana is a reflection of our modern dilemmas, and teaches us to:

  • Face challenges positively. The enigmatic Rama is unwavering in his many acts of valour.
  • Deal with temptation. A judicious Bharata’s decisions and subsequent help in making decisions.
  • Step out of the comfort zone. Resolute in her faith, Sita is an inspiration to anyone willing to explore beyond their usual confines.

How do we cope with a sudden turn of events without losing hope?

Conquer Change is the second book in Ramayana: The Game of Life series. A modern retelling of the Ayodhya Kanda of Valmiki’s epic, the book is all about facing the reversal of fortune and moving on. Author Shubha Vilas reveals profound rules of human relationships and conduct – what works, what fails to work and how to navigate through this amazing labyrinth.

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