Strong Posture, Strong Body

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Built for movement, our bodies suffer from our sedentary lifestyles.

Long hours spent sitting, working at desks, driving in cars or slumped on the couch, weakens muscles and affects our posture. The result? Aches and pains, headache, digestive disorders and fatigue, all of which can be improved through regular, gentle stretching and strengthening exercises.

In Strong Posture, Strong Body, Harriet Griffey shows what you can do to strengthen your body and improve flexibility, to help counter the very real health risks caused by excessive sitting.

Divided into five main areas—head and neck, upper back and shoulders, arms, lower back and bottom, and legs—each chapter provides a series of gentle movement-based exercises designed for areas that can be badly affected, and which can be incorporated easily into everyday life. Including information on specialist help with a series of personalised routines to help you get started, Strong Posture,

Strong Body gives you everything you need to improve your overall health, fitness and posture.

Start today and feel better immediately.

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Harriet Griffey

HARRIET GRIFFEY is a journalist, writer and author of numerous books focused on health. She originally trained as a nurse and writes and broadcasts regularly on health and health-related issues. She is also an accredited coach with Grit (