The Art of Persuasion

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Want to be able to “read minds” and predict their behavior? get what you want, when you want it, without manipulation?

How can you get people to see things your way?
What words can you use to convince and lead them to follow you?

Get others to do what you want using the power of persuasion.

The most successful people in history have one trait in common. They were all persuasive. This trait often makes or breaks success: the pure ability to win people over to our side. Become a master in both conscious and subconscious persuasion methods.

Presented in everyday, clear language, this book explores a revolutionary approach to persuading people. The Art of Persuasion will not only show you the science and psychology of persuasion, but also specific, no-nonsense tactics that you can use to magnetize and mesmerize people over and over again.

  • Genre Self-Help
  • Language English
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 184 pages
  • Release Date 19-Aug-2022
  • ISBN 13 978-93-89305-63-0

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About the Author

Michelle Moore

MICHELLE MOORE is a New Yorker and a former world traveler who is dedicated to simplifying every material aspect of her life in exchange for enriching her human connections.