Three Pigs to Financial Freedom

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For everyone else, especially if you dream of a life with all the time and flexibility and without money worries, here is your roadmap to financial freedom.

This book will be a total waste of time if you are

  • Excited about slogging in a job for the rest of your life
  • Gratefully handing over your income to your mummy-papa to manage
  • Certain of winning the lottery or receiving a huge inheritance
  • A financial expert with your investments completely sorted

Finance is intimidating, the products are complicated, salespeople are pushy, and the jargon is confusing. Well, not anymore! Three Pigs to Financial Freedom guides you on everything you need to know—how much money you need to be financially free, the accounts you need to open, the products you should buy, how much you should invest in them, and where you should get them. Using an incredibly easy and practical system, the book humorously demystifies financial planning in the Indian context. Best of all, you don’t need any knowledge of managing money to get started!

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About the Author

Rishi Piparaiya

RISHI PIPARAIYA has held senior leadership positions in wealth management, strategy, sales, and marketing with leading global financial services organisations. He achieved financial freedom by age 40 and left his corporate job to pursue his passions. He is now a bestselling author, world traveller, and angel investor.

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