Not Like Most Young Girls

Sex work—the world’s oldest profession. A world of shadows and sleaze. Of faceless, nameless individuals. Walking and talking bodies dolled up in glittering clothes and deceiving make-up, flashing frozen smiles, willing to sell themselves for a square meal. But carrying within them tarnished souls and fractured dignities.

Not Like Most Young Girls is a collection of short stories written by young minds from eminent educational institutions from Mumbai, presenting before society the human beings hidden within the sex workers. These are stories of women, men and hijras who have come together under Aastha Parivaar. Not Like Most Young Girls is more than a book—it is an attempt to bring out of the shadows, these individuals who breathe, feel, and give back to society, just as any one of us do—or perhaps more.

  • Genre Fiction
  • Language English
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 208 pages
  • Release Date 2-Sep-2012
  • ISBN 13 978-81-8495-304-6

In-depth understanding of life naked portrayal of pain…I was extremely impressed
Shobhaa De author & joumalist

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About the Author

Compiled by Aastha Parivaar

AASTHA PARIVAAR is a federation of 14 community-based organizations, formed by, of and for sex workers across Mumbai and Thane, that works to give a face to the community of sex workers, helping them claim the dignity that they deserve as much as any other person in society. (To know more see Aastha Parivaar is supported by FHI 360, a global development organization with a presence in 125 countries.