Sherlock Holmes: The Outstanding Mysteries

It has been argued that Sherlock Holmes is more famous, worldwide, than William Shakespeare and there is evidence to support the claim. The great detective is, almost certainly, the most famous fictional character of all time, and in this, the latest collection of his adventures from Doctor Watson’s old tin dispatch box, the mysteries range from the poignant tragedy of novice nun Jane Stiles to the thrilling race against time as Holmes battles to secure a fabulous legacy for his young client Andrew Newton. From the brutal serial killer known as The Mayfair Strangler to Holmes’ gruesome encounter with Catacausis Ebriosis or Spontaneous Human Combustion. From the locked-room mystery of Alexander Cavendish’s demise to the ruthless cunning of The Peddler of Death, Holmes needs all his deductive powers to unravel the clues and bring the guilty to justice. This compilation, comprising a Baker’s (street) Dozen of his adventures, re-creates the gas-lit, fog-enshrouded world of Victorian London as once more Sherlock Holmes urges, ‘Come, Watson, the game’s afoot!

  • Genre Sherlock Holmes
  • Language English
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 340 pages
  • Release Date 2-Mar-2015
  • ISBN 13 978-81-8495-588-0

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About the Author

Gerard Kelly

GERARD KELLY is a retired Draughtsman with a passion for writing. In addition to his Sherlock Holmes stories he has written three novels, Tempus, Stasis and Rites of Passage. He has also written a factual book called The Great Debate (Evolution or Creationism?). Mr Kelly is married with a daughter and three grandsons and lives with his wife Marlene in Cheshire.