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Master sudoku with this comprehensive guidebook…

Master Sudoku With This Comprehensive Guidebook…

The addictive Sudoku puzzle has captivated millions of people across USA, UK, Australia, India and other countries. This book is intended to help a beginner understand the puzzle and learn how to solve it. Those already conversant with sudoku will discover a variety of secret tools and strategies to crack even the toughest puzzles with ease. The 100-plus puzzles in this book offer different levels of difficulty for “puzzles buffs” to crack. In addition, you get a chance to join the Sudoku Lovers Club, a worldwide community of sudoku enthusiasts and share puzzles, techniques and strategies.

  • Genre Games & Puzzles
  • Language English
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 116 pages
  • Release Date 29-Aug-2006
  • ISBN 13 978-81-7992-563-8

Dhaval Bathia packs in quite a cerebral punch… A Rocker

The Times of India 

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About the Author

Dhaval Bathia

DHAVAL BATHIA (B.Com, ACS, LLB) is one of the world’s youngest international bestselling authors. He has written five books that have been translated in over 14 languages. His memory feats have won him several international championships, earning him the accolades ‘Human Computer’, ‘Whiz-Kid’, ‘Memory Champ’ and more.