Vedic Mathematics Made Easy, 2nd Edition

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Crack competitive exams the smart way
  • can you find the cube root of 262144 or 704969 in two seconds?
  • can you multiply 231072 by 110649 and get the answer in just a single line?
  • can you predict the date of birth of a person or how much money he has without him telling you?
  • can you solve squares, square roots, cube roots and other problems mentally?
    Speedy techniques for:
  • School and college exams
  • Railway, bank, defence and other exams

Not just these but a lot more is possible with the techniques of Vedic mathematics described in this book. These techniques have helped millions of students all over the world to get rid of their fear of numbers and improve their scores in quantitative subjects. Young school students have found the Vedic mathematics approach very exciting whilst those giving competitive exams like MBA, MCA, CET, UPSC, GRE, GMAT, etc., have asserted that Vedic mathematics has helped them crack the entrance tests of these exams.

In this revised edition you will find:

  • Enough solved examples and a practice exercise on every topic for easy understanding
  • Plenty of diagrams and visual effects for better comprehension
  • Special shortcuts on Time, Work, Interest, Averages, Trains, etc., that are often asked in competitive exams
  • Genre Study Skills
  • Language English
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 312 pages
  • Release Date 4-Jan-2021
  • ISBN 13 978-81-7992-407-5

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About the Author

Dhaval Bathia

DHAVAL BATHIA (B.Com, ACS, LLB) is one of the world’s youngest international bestselling authors. He has written five books that have been translated in over 14 languages. His memory feats have won him several international championships, earning him the accolades ‘Human Computer’, ‘Whiz-Kid’, ‘Memory Champ’ and more.