How to Listen and How to Be Heard

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People often avoid difficult conversations; but these discussions need to happen to bring us together so we can all succeed.

The best employees and leaders know that harnessing the power of our differences will build stronger teams, ideas, and organizations.
If we all think, feel, and act so differently, how do we get anything done? The first step is recognizing that these differences exist. And that they’re here to stay.

How to Listen and How to be Heard enables you to empower yourself and others to communicate with people who think, act, and experience things differently than you do, and do so with more confidence, candor, and authenticity. It shows you how to bridge the conversation gap and use your unique voice to start powerful conversations—learning to communicate with, through, and alongside what makes us different. It’s about open dialogue and practical tools for authentic communication in the workplace. It’s about remembering that we’re all here to work together.

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About the Author

Alissa Carpenter

ALISSA CARPENTER is a multigenerational workplace expert and owner of Everything’s Not Ok and That’s OK, where she provides training, consulting, and speaking services to organizations all over the world. Carpenter has delivered a TEDx talk on authentic workplace communication, and has been featured in media outlets including Forbes, ABC, FOX, and CNN Money.