Ikkaraiya? Akkaraiya? (Tamil)

There are lot of intellectual books to show the path of success. But there are only very few books which can emotionally touch the hearts and give soul massage to people with firm conviction and clarity about success. In this context, this book written in Tamil, Ikkaraiya? Akkaraiya? will be daring to be different which can propel people from all walks of life in any situation, under any circumstances in life today to the best place of their choice and this book will be a beacon for that journey. This Book is a self-Help category. The Author strongly emphasizes one point:

‘The decisions you take
Will decide the life you make!’

What this book can offer?

  • Convert massive dreams into reality.
  • Use undiminished enthusiasm to unleash fullest potentiality.
  • Changing thoughts can lead to change in life.
  • Convert obstacles to opportunities.
  • Develop and improve people skill.
  • Move from spending to investing time for best life.
  • Find honest and great guidance and direction in life.
  • Enjoy the life of abundance.
  • Identify what you really want in life.
  • Reach the ultimate destination of your choice in life.
  • Genre Self-Help
  • Language Tamil
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 208 pages
  • Release Date 29-Oct-2018
  • ISBN 13 978-93-87944-53-4

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About the Author

E.P. Thirumalai

E.P.Thirumalai is a motivational speaker and creative writer, a practising Chartered Accountant for more than 3 decades. He is an active Lion and Charter President of Lions Club with 104 Charter members which has created a history in membership. He is very well connected with many social and service organisations involving himself for the continuous improvement and self development of the people.