Autobiography of an Unknown Indian: Part II

Anyone who wishes to understand what has happened in India in the twentieth century – politically and culturally – must read Nirad C. Chaudhuri. Among her men of letters he is unique; for the fertility of his mind and the polymathic range of his interests, as well as for the lucidity of his prose and his sheer integrity.

Geoffrey Moorhouse

(Chaudhuri) has spent a lifetime kicking against the myths and shibboleths held by the majority of his fellow countrymen: he has ridiculed the pacifism of Mahatma Gandhi…he has castigated Indian nationalism for being corrupt, self-seeking, and destructive… (he has) vented his spleen at the stupidity and philistinism of the British in India. his latest (book) is almost a thousand pages long. it testifies to (his) eloquence, wit, and intellectual brilliance that he can go on at such length without once becoming a bore.

Ian BurumaThe New York Review Of Books

Nirad Chaudhuri has been, throughout his long life, an erudite, contrary, and mischievous presence

— Salman Rushdie

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About the Author

Nirad C. Chaudhuri

NIRAD C. CHAUDHURI CBE was born on November 23, 1897, in Kishorganj, now in Bangladesh. Chaudhuri’s first book, Autobiography of an Unknown Indian, written in 1947, was an instant success and received universal critical acclaim. In 1955, Chaudhuri first visited England to broadcast a series of talks for the BBC, and this memorable journey prompted him to write A Passage to England. He migrated to England in 1970 and lived in Oxford, England till his death in 1999.