Autobiography of an Unknown Indian

In this autobiography he gives chapter-by-chapter account of his life: his birth place, his parents, his experiences and adventures. He talks about the race of Indian renaissance, nationalism, politics and takes us through the roads of Calcutta where he spent 32 years of his life. By writing an essay on the course of Indian History, he regards this book as a contribution to contemporary history.

“Nirad Chaudhuri has been, throughout his long life, an erudite,
contrary, and mischievous presence…”

Salman Rushdie
Chaudhuri’s Autobiography may be the one great book to have come out of the
Indo-English encounter. No better account of the penetration of the Indian mind
by the West — and, by extension, of the penetration of one culture by another — will
be or now can be written.
VS. Naipaul
I have loved this book because it evokes so beautifully and so completely the world
to which my father belonged — the villages and rice fields of East Bengal, then
Dacca and Calcutta — but its importance lies in something beyond that: its almost
unique achievement in charting the development of a complex mind made up of its
native Bengali and alien European languages.
Anita Desai

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About the Author

Nirad C. Chaudhuri

NIRAD C. CHAUDHURI CBE was born on November 23, 1897, in Kishorganj, now in Bangladesh. Chaudhuri’s first book, Autobiography of an Unknown Indian, written in 1947, was an instant success and received universal critical acclaim. In 1955, Chaudhuri first visited England to broadcast a series of talks for the BBC, and this memorable journey prompted him to write A Passage to England. He migrated to England in 1970 and lived in Oxford, England till his death in 1999.