Discover Your Genius

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A complete, step-by-step system for developing an idea, thinking through an issue, or creating a revolutionary innovation

Gifted with the unique ability to help people discover and apply their own innate genius, intellectual property consultant Gerald Sindell works with individuals and organizations to maximize returns on their most precious capital: their ideas and innovations.

Dubbed the “Genius Machine” by his clients, Sindell’s eleven-step process has proven invaluable for countless individuals and businesses needing to hone their message or launch a new product in today’s tough market.

Ideas enter the Genius Machine fuzzy, weak, or partially baked. Through this eleven-step process, they are examined from every angle and emerge robust, polished, and ready to change the world.

Whether you are designing a house, writing a term paper, or perfecting the business plan for a new startup, Discover Your Genius will help your thinking succeed.

  • Genre General Management
  • Language English
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 152 pages
  • Release Date 5-Jan-2016
  • ISBN 13 978-81-8495-801-0

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About the Author

Gerald Sindell

GERALD SINDELL is the founder of Thought Leaders International, a firm that guides leaders and organizations of all kinds to realize their inherent brilliance. Sindell works with such corporate clients as Yahoo! and Accenture as well as with leading authors. He lives in Tiburon, California.