How to Develop Self-confidence and Improve Public Speaking

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Discover how to become the best public speaker with this valuable and accessible guide


This book provides practical and easy-to-use advice to help you speak well in public and craft a compelling speech that commands the audience’s attention from the beginning.

Dale Carnegie analyses speeches made by the greatest orators in the world – from Abraham Lincoln to Theodore Roosevelt and uses real-life, practical examples to illustrate the effectiveness of their methods.

His rock-solid and time-tested techniques will help you:

  • Develop poise and gain self-confidence
  • Improve your memory
  • Begin and end a presentation effectively
  • Interest and charm your audience
  • Win an argument without making enemies

Drawing on the author’s years of experience as a business trainer, this book will help you gain self-confidence and overcome your fear of public speaking.

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About the Author

Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie was a lecturer of public speaking at YMCA New York. He had also served in the US army during World War 1. He published his first book in 1936 and became a sought after self-help author and speaker. Some of his other works include How to Stop Worrying and Start Living and The Art of Public Speaking.