The Art of Public Speaking

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Captivating an audience is a skill that anybody can acquire with a set of easy-to-learn tricks and plenty of practice. In The Art of Public Speaking, the pioneers of self-improvement Dale Carnegie and Joseph Berg Esenwein discuss the best methods of confident and effective speakers.

Learn to:

  • Acquire confidence before an audience
  • Focus on flawless delivery
  • Utilize voice and gestures to maximum effect
  • Harness the power of imagination
  • Avoid the sin of monotony

Along with many other tips and tricks of the trade.

With plenty of interesting and useful exercises for shedding the anxiety associated with facing a crowd and bringing out the best public speaking endeavour, Carnegie’s all-time bestseller is a must-have for aspiring orators.

The stage is set for all those who dream of enthralling a gathering!

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About the Authors

Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie was a lecturer of public speaking at YMCA New York. He had also served in the US army during World War 1. He published his first book in 1936 and became a sought after self-help author and speaker. Some of his other works include How to Stop Worrying and Start Living and The Art of Public Speaking.

J. Berg Esenwein

J. Berg Esenwein is an American editor, lecturer and writer.