Modern Spies and the War on Terror

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After the Cold War ended, new conflicts and enemies emerged across countries with the emergence of extremist groups. Terror attacks today involve guns, bombs, toxic chemical and biological substances.

Even in peaceful times, spies need to use both modern espionage tools and old-fashioned spying techniques to uncover or protect state secrets. Modern spies face diverse situations including discovering animals with embedded chips to monitor activity in enemy territory or go through intercepted communications such as e-mails, voice messages and telephone conversations. Although there have been several technological developments in spying tools available, they come with their own limitations like drone weapons being unable to distinguish between terrorists and peaceful civilians. Take a peek into the world of corporate espionage in organizations zealously protecting their trade secrets through cases such as Proctor & Gamble spying on Unilever to stay ahead of competition.

Unravel international secrets from covert operations such as the search for and killing of Osama bin Laden by American special forces in this book.

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