How to Look Like a Million Bucks

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From the experts of India's largest skin-care clinic

Honest, candid and illuminating, How to Look like a Million Bucks is your own personal dialogue with Kaya’s top skin-care experts.

From the house of India’s largest skin-care clinic comes this definitive guide to skin, body and hair care, viewed from the Indian perspective and geared towards an Indian audience. How to Look like a Million Bucks throws light on the causes of skin and hair concerns, the numerous cosmetic products that deal with them, and the magical tools of modern technology that leave you looking great in no time at all.

Renowned dermatologists of the Kaya skin clinic bring their years of experience in skin care and their cherished relations with their clients to give you the complete lowdown on everything you wanted to know about skin and hair. Brimming with myth-busting information and practical solutions, the book deals with issues ranging from acne and aging to hair loss, stretch marks and hormonal imbalance as well as blemishes, dark circles and much more.

Caring in tone and consultative in approach, this book will redefine your outlook to holistic well-being and help you craft your own plan for a beautiful you!

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About the Authors

Dr Sangeeta Velaskar

Dr Sangeeta Velaskar is Vice President & Head – Medical Services and R&D at Kaya Skin Clinic, the largest dermatologist-backed chain of Cosmetic Dermatology clinics in India.

Dr Narmada Matang

Dr Narmada Matang, Head – Medical Training, Kaya Skin Clinic has a passion for harmonizing the face naturally with cutting edge technology.

Dr Punit Saraogi

Dr Punit Saraogi, Senior Consultant – Medical Innovations, Kaya Skin Clinic, thrives on the challenges of dermatology and trichology.