Don’t Diet!

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Generic diet plans don’t work!
Long-lasting weight loss can be achieved only by changing the way you eat.

To reach your ideal weight, you must move away from diets to eating right. Move away from fads to healthy habits. Thin people stay thin because these habits are embedded in their subconscious and are a part of their daily routine.

Don’t Diet will help you identify 50 stay-thin habits – spread across mind, body and lifestyle – and give you workable cues to adopt them easily. With the help of these cues, you too can stay fit and happy. And of course, thin.


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Kavita Devgan

KAVITA DEVGAN has many avatars: she is a writer, nutritionist and weight management consultant who has transformed the lives of hundreds of clients seeking weight loss. She is a feted speaker and a popular health columnist with premier media groups. She has been writing extensively and sharing her ideas with lakhs of people for the last 15 years.