Chakras: Your 7 Energy Centers

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There’s more to you than meets the eye…

Containing powerful insights and holistic tools, Chakras: Your 7 Energy Centers is based on the science of the body’s subtle energy system. It draws from the wisdom of the world’s spiritual traditions to show how you can nurture your soul through seven stages for personal growth.

This book includes various meditative techniques, affirmations and visualizations to help increase the energy flow within you. It also provides a brief overview of holistic practices that help restore the body’s energetic balance.

  • Genre Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Language English
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 240 pages
  • Release Date 1-Oct-2016
  • ISBN 13 978-81-8495-936-9

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About the Authors

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Elizabeth Clare Prophet is a world-renowned author, spiritual teacher, and pioneer in practical spirituality. For more than 30 years she helped seekers restore the memory of their one-on-one relationship with God and shared powerful spiritual tools to help them achieve their life’s purpose. Her books have been published in more than 30 languages.

Patricia Spadaro

Patricia Spadaro is an award-winning author of popular books on personal growth and practical spirituality, which have been published worldwide. Her most recent work is Honour Yourself: The Inner Art of Giving and Receiving.