Raise Your Game

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Why do some people succeed whilst others languish? What are the differences that make the difference in success?

Suzanne Hazelton has been discovering what makes successful people successful for the past two decades; she now makes her practical wisdom accessible to you.

Suzanne has written this new guide specifically for the business owner already familiar with success, who has started to notice the beginnings of being ‘stuck in a rut’.

It highlights over 55 common mistakes that people make when trying to raise their game. These mistakes, with the tips to avoid them, are included so that the reader can learn from other people’s mistakes to put them on the fast-track for achieving transformational results.

Raise your game will help you identify what you can change, set your vision for what you want, and give you a process for making incremental changes to achieve your next level of success.

  • Genre Self-Help
  • Language English
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 224 pages
  • Release Date 1-Jul-2014
  • ISBN 13 978-81-8495-646-7

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About the Author

Suzanne Hazelton

SUZANNE HAZELTON is a successful coach, trainer, author and speaker. With a strong business background, she’s qualified in many different approaches to bring out the best in others. These include: Advanced training in Transactional Analysis psychotherapy, NLP (Mprac), MBTI and Firo-B. Additionally she’s gained a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology– the science of well-being, happiness and motivation.