Nature Cure for Children

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All the essential tips to put your ‘little one’ at ease

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Dr. Bakhru’s titles have sold 1.25 Lakh copies in India!

All children suffer from common illnesses. For young parents, the young mother in particular, they can be a cause for great anxiety. This book will give them the necessary information they need to look after their children when they are unwell. Use the alternative way to treat your child and keep the doctor at bay.


  • What to do when worms infest your child’s tummy
  • What to do when lice swarm all over your child’s head
  • The best way to keep your child from religiously wetting the bed
  • How to give a massage

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About the Author

Dr. H. K. Bakhru

An expert naturopath and prolific writer, Dr. H. K. Bakhru’s well-researched articles on nature cure, health, nutrition and herbs have appeared regularly in various newspapers and magazines and bear the stamp of authority.