Naturopathy for Longevity

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So stay healthy & live longer!

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Can one keep fit & live longer?

Nature cure is the only answer to this question. In this book, Dr. Bakhru, a renowned Naturopath and a proponent of nature cure, dwells on various factors which contribute to health, fitness and vitality.

The book deals with diseases commonly prevalent in the elderly and prescribes time-tested treatment. It contains invaluable nature cure methods which if practiced sincerely can work miracles for problems related to ageing such as poor health, impairment of bodily functions, slower mental faculties and on set of other frightening diseases.

This book also imparts knowledge about the right foods to eat, effective ways of exercising and methods for preserving the body’s natural energies.

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About the Author

Dr. H. K. Bakhru

An expert naturopath and prolific writer, Dr. H. K. Bakhru’s well-researched articles on nature cure, health, nutrition and herbs have appeared regularly in various newspapers and magazines and bear the stamp of authority.